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    High-quality veneered edgings for professional works from the experienced wholesaler

    Demanding tasks demand good quality machinery, tool and materials. As an expanding wholesaler specialising in carpentry and joinery supplies, Ostermann GmbH seeks to be a reliable supplier of edgings, fittings and profiles. With over 12,000 edgings and profiles in stock, the wholesaler is a specialist in this area. In Europe's largest range of edgings tradesmen, joiners and carpenters will find a huge range of products suitable any time for meeting the needs of professionals. With its aim of being and remaining an innovator within the joinery supply sector, Ostermann UK Ltd is constantly searching for new and useful products.

    Within the huge range of edgings, professional craftsmen will find a comprehensive selection of natural grained veneered edgings (real wood) with various properties and from different manufacturers. The diverse product portfolio of Ostermann UK Ltd allows professionals to incorporate domestic and exotic woods that are especially attractive due t o their natural look and feel. Among the looks available are split wood, wood worm, wave finish and saw-tooth look. As a specialist, Ostermann stocks high-grade thin, thick and traverse veneer edgings, guaranteeing top quality furniture production and interiors.

    Tradesmen can also find high-quality bent wood, cabinet-maker edgings, end grain edgings and multiplex edgings in various widths and finishes. The extensive range of veneer edgings allows tradesmen to perfectly tailor furniture production and interiors to meet their customers' specific requests.

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    An overview the advantages of veneer edgings:

    • Unique visual characteristics
    • Convincing pleasing feel
    • Efficient consumption of timber
    • High value creation

    If required, Ostermann can also deliver veneered edgings with hotmelt adhesive and in laser-compatible form. These innovative alternatives to conventional application methods enable the edgings to be applied to the work pieces using modern laser technology. The range of real wood edgings can be supplied in small amounts and within just 24 hours.

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