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Our Cleaners - Wide Range for Every Application

OSTERMANN cleaners

You would like to pass on a perfectly cleaned workpiece to your customer? We have just what you need! To make sure that you have the right cleaning agent for you surface, have a look at this overview and let us provide you with some important advice.

Quick Finder Cleaners


REDOCOL greenline Teclinex One For All


REDOCOL VOCmatic Aqua / DN



  • biological raw materials
  • evaporates without leaving residues
  • dermatologically tested
  • biodegradable product
  • antistatic effect
  • particularly gentle
  • VOC-free / VOC-reduced
  • plant-based solvent
  • price / performance
  • rapid effect
  • citrus scent
ABS, PP, PVC x x x x x
Melamine x x x x x
HPL x x x x x
Dark, matt surfaces x x x   x
Lacquer surfaces x x x    
Aluminium x x x x x
Solid surface materials x x x x x
Glass / mirror x x x x x
Acrylic glass x x x    
Real Wood x x x    
Linoleum   x      
SIBU   x      

Important: Check First!

The variety of different surface finishes is as extended as the variety of contents in different cleaners. We therefore recommend you to test any cleaning agent on some material offcuts before using it on a processed workpiece.

VOC-Free or VOC-Reduced Cleaners

VOC is short for "Volatile Organic Compounds" and describes organic materials that evaporate or vaporise into the surrounding air at room temperature. To craftsmen who want to renounce VOC but not efficiency in a cleaning agent, we recommend our cleaner REDOCOL VOCmatic Aqua, without VOC. VOC-free products are not classified as hazardous substances and must not be stored separately. An alternative, reduced in VOC, is our cleaner REDOCOL VOCmatic DN, VOC-reduced.

Do Not Forget the Accessories!

Not only do we provide you with cleaners perfectly adjusted to your needs, but we also offer you a wide range of accessories for cleaning. Here are our bestsellers: