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4 New ABS Edgings With End Grain Decor

Edging specialist OSTERMANN has 4 new ABS edgings with end grain wood decor in its range. These can be combined with longitudinal wood edgings in matching colours to create furniture with a high-quality real wood look.

Cream, vanilla, cinnamon and cappuccino may make you think of a café, but you would be barking up the wrong tree. Edging specialist OSTERMANN has just added four new ABS edgings with end grain decors to its range. The edgings are named End Grain Cream, End Grain Vanilla, End Grain Cinnamon and End Grain Cappuccino. Their colours cover the wide spectrum of oak decors: from the whitewashed, chalky look of the End Grain Cream edging to the dark, coffee-brown nuances of the End Grain Cappuccino edging. The new edgings can be used together with various wood decor boards. In combination with colour-matched edgings in longitudinal wood look, which are applied to the long sides of the boards, you can create furniture elements that are virtually indistinguishable from real wood panels. The new ABS end grain edgings are available in 1 mm thickness in any desired width up to 100 mm.

4 neue ABS-Kanten mit Hirnholzdekoren


4 New ABS Edgings With End Grain Decor

Application Tips

In particular, large tabletops or worktops on freestanding kitchen units can be enhanced by combining longitudinal and end grain decors. Their use on fronts or sides is less common, but also possible. OSTERMANN's experts have therefore also come up with various suggestions for selecting the right edgings to go with the new end grain. Here are some examples:

Useful tip: If you enter the name or number of your wood decor board in the search field on the starting page of, the matching ABS edging with end grain decor is displayed as a suggestion in addition to the assigned ABS edging.

Furniture makers will also find all information on the new edgings by typing in the search term „#Highlights06".