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Egger Decorative Collection

In time with the launch of the new Egger collection in February, OSTERMANN has all matching edgings ready for delivery. In any required width up to 100 mm and with their tried and tested quick delivery service.

Egger Decorative Collection 24+


Egger Decorative Collection 24+

As always, the OSTERMANN experts have made themselves closely familiar with the boards from the Egger Decorative 24+ collection: the latter features elegant and restrained wood decors, matt and velvety plain colours as well as classic material reproductions that impress with their realistic embossings. A particular focus was put on sustainable use: all decors can be combined with each other and will thus fulfil changing requirements in the long term. Numerous PerfectSense lacquer boards with wood and plain decors are part of the collection. The boards are now commercially available - ready to be transformed into individual pieces of furniture by skilled carpenters/cabinet makers. OSTERMANN's contribution to making this possible began early on by sampling and allocating all matching furniture edgings. The company now presents edgings to all the colours and decors, available from stock in the standard dimensions 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1 and / or 2 mm. They are dispatched from 1 metre. Every 100 mm wide ABS edging can also be cut to customised widths on request. Businesses that work with zero bondline technologies can also order the edgings for their laser, Airtec or Infratec units with TPU functional layer. All variants are also available with a hotmelt adhesive coating for processing with hot-air devices.

Elegant Wood Decors

Egger collections have always been characterised by a large number of classic wood decors. A look at the types of wood shows that oak is still predominant, but with calmer patterns than before. The many dark decors are suited to create comfortable yet opulent interiors. The Feelwood surfaces are particularly worth mentioning. Their authentic appearance is based on their lifelike feel. At OSTERMANN, you will find matching wood decors in coordinated patterns and embossings.

Matt and Velvety Plain Colours

When it comes to plain colours, the variety of neutral colours from white to beige and grey to velvety black is striking. The trend colour green also plays an important role in the spectrum. It is accompanied by numerous shades of blue which can be combined well with most wood decors thanks to their restrained colouring. The brighter colours are also rather matt and accentuate without being obtrusive. The OSTERMANN edgings are available in the same respective colours with matching surface finishes.

Material Reproductions With a Realistic Feel

In relation to the number of wood and plain colours, the selection of textile, stone and metal decors is comparatively small. However, materials such as linen, iron or marble are covered by some timelessly modern designs. The stone decors have slightly metallic accents. When producing the matching edgings, OSTERMANN placed particular emphasis on the right feel of the edgings' surfaces. This means that even in material reproductions, board and edging appear as if made from one piece.

All From One Source

One advantage with OSTERMANN is that you can order from a single source. All materials for a project can be ordered here in one fell swoop: from edgings, fittings and equipment items to workshop supplies. This saves valuable time, which is then available to advise customers and build them their dream furniture.

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