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New Collections

Egger, Formica, Polyrey and Resopal... Several European board suppliers are currently launching their new collections. As always, OSTERMANN is on the ball and delivers matching edgings as soon as the boards are available.

Whenever board suppliers bring out new collections, it is always worth taking a look at the OSTERMANN online shop, where carpenters/cabinet makers can rely on the proverbial OSTERMANN speed. With passion and dedication, the experts in edging at OSTERMANN do everything they can to provide a suitable solution for the board's narrow surface as quickly as possible - from the moment the first boards are available on the market.

New collections

Presenting: Current Trends

In the collections mentioned, you can see many subtle plain boards, with increasingly matt colours. The wood decors are also becoming more matt, and they have more lifelike embossings, too. Stone decors still feature a lot of marble. The great number of new items in the OSTERMANN range ensures that you will definitely find the right edgings.

Egger: Decorative 24+

Egger: Decorative 24+The Egger Group, headquartered in St. Johann (Austria), launched its Decorative Collection 24+ at the beginning of February. It consists of over 300 boards with more than 100 new colours and decors. The Decorative Collection 24+ includes elegant and understated wood decors, matt and velvety plain colours as well as classic material reproductions that impress with their realistic embossings. Numerous PerfectSense lacquer boards with wood and plain decors are part of the collection.

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Polyrey: Collection 2024

Polyrey: Collection 2024The Collection 2024 from French manufacturer Polyrey also offers a wide selection with over 440 boards. There are more than 230 plain colours and 200 decors to choose from, among them more than 90 new products. According to Polyrey, the collection features an "explosive" mix of current trends. These include Terrazzo and mosaique decors as well as material reproductions in OSB and cork look.

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Resopal: Collection 2024

Resopal: Collection 2024A new stock programme from Resopal has been available since mid-January. Here too, the collection has been expanded to include various neutral colours and another matt surface. In a total of 335 boards with 149 plain colours and 186 decors, 71 colours and decors are new. The Meran Oak surfaces, a modern yet rustic version of oak, and the new light-coloured Ventura Elm decor are particularly eye-catching.

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Coming soon: The Formica Collection

Formica CollectionThe Formica group, which also includes Homapal, has its headquarters in the UK and operates worldwide. They will launch a new collection in mid-March. The OSTERMANN experts are expecting more than 40 new items and will be offering the right edgings in time for the start of the collection.

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