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ABS Edgings with Light Wood Decors

Woods in lighter nuances, such as larch, ash, maple, or birch, can be seen in increasing frequency lately. This trend is set to continue. After all, the "blond" wood enhances the homeliness of our living spaces. It is a good thing then that OSTERMANN offers many different ABS furniture edgings with light wood decors ...

Light woods allow for versatile combinations. They are a great match to the lately popular super matt plain colours in subtle blue or green shades, and they go together nicely with the trend colour black. If you put together the colours just mentioned, you achieve the currently en-vogue Scandinavian style: furniture made of light woods, restrained colours for walls and fabrics, accentuation through black metal elements. To implement the style on furniture, OSTERMANN recommends the ABS edgings Frêne Scandinave wooden structured, Mainau Birch minipearl, Royal Maple minipearl, or the Sand Lyon Ash wooden structured edging. If you prefer a little more grain in the decor, you should use the ABS edging Mountain Larch brown wooden structured. The realistic interplay of lighter and darker parts gives the surfaces of furniture a compelling look, without dominating larger areas too much.

ABS Edgings with Light Wood Decors

To the edging highlights

To the edging highlights

ABS edging Mountain Larch brown wooden structured

Larch is quite a special wood type. Botanically, it belongs to the Pinaceae or pine family. Being one of the hardest coniferous woods, it can be used for a variety of purposes such as structural or furniture timber. Wood colour and structure are characterised by a regular change between light spring wood and darker, sharply delineated summerwood. Since real larch wood darkens quite a bit under the influence of light, the ABS edging Brown Mountain Larch wooden structured has proven a good fit for furniture making. The deeply brushed decor finish additionally allows you to feel the furniture's texture, adding by this means character and authenticity to a room.

ABS Edging Frêne Scandinave

All those who wish to endow light furniture with an explicitly Scandinavian look are advised by the OSTERMANN experts to try the soft-pale edging Frêne Scandinave. The edging's restrained decor combines the characteristics of classic ash wood with a typically Scandinavian pallor.

ABS Edging Mainau Birch minipearl

Birch wood seems to be made for the light and friendly home style. After all, birch plays an important role in Scandinavian furniture making. With its hardly visible grain and yellowish white colour, the ABS edging Mainau Birch minipearl presents a very light and elegant solution for Scandinavian furnishings.

ABS Edging Royal Maple minipearl

If you are seeking an edging with a delicate grain, use the Royal Maple minipearl variant. The soft transitions between the fine light brown lines slightly tending towards reddish tones give the light basic colour of the edging vigour without dominating it too much. The result is a classic maple decor which seems very natural.

Sand Lyon Ash wooden structured

The soft wood grain of the ash gives the sand-coloured edging a restrained but nevertheless warm colour. Due to a slight tinge of grey on the edging, it can be combined very well with unobtrusive grey colours, but equally with stronger greenish or bluish plain colours.

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