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Cave Character with Feel-Good Factor

While some people deliberately choose bright and cheerful colours for their furnishings, others prefer dark surfaces. These truly come into their own when different materials are put together to form an elegant mix. Edging specialist OSTERMANN presents matching furniture edgings.

To prevent dark furnishings with subdued colours from coming across as plain boring, you can combine different materials or material imitations. Board suppliers offer a wide range of surface finishes in wood, concrete, stone or metal look which, combined with the right uni colours, give kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms a whole new appearance. OSTERMANN'S edging specialists have taken a look at the variety of board decors in light of this and recommend individual edgings that are a fine fit for the corresponding mix.

Cave Character with Feel-Good Factor

To the edging highlights

To the edging highlights

Dark Wood Decors

For very elegant furniture with a dark wood look, the OSTERMANN experts recommend the ABS edging Dark Brown Tossini Elm with its very subtle play of colours. If you prefer a lighter basic hue and a little more contrast in the grain, the ABS edging Tobacco Gladstone Oak presents a chic alternative. Also contrasting, but a little darker is the ABS edging Flamed wood with a flamed oak look.

Strong Effect: Concrete and Steel

The industrial look of concrete or steel nicely complements wood decors. For concrete surfaces, the edging specialists recommend the ABS edging Dark Grey Chicago Concrete with a warm and homogeneous basic colour that is suited for various combinations. The same goes, by the way, for the ABS edging Dark Steel smooth. Its restrained decor follows the trend towards strong metal optics, while as a surface it appears much cooler.

Cutting-Edge Stone Decors

The vivid colouring of natural stone decors gives the otherwise monochrome look a more vibrant touch. The ABS edging Grey Magma Granite with its rather large, creme-coloured inclusions offers lighter contrasts, while the ABS edging Terra Tessina Ceramic is somewhat more subdued, balancing light grey, slightly beige and dark hues. If you want to stay even closer to the muted colour range, you should choose the ABS edging Black Pietra Grigia with its slightly matt marble look and few thin, light streaks.

Base Colours: Muted Unis

The OSTERMANN experts selected the ABS edgings Metallic Black microstructure and Graphite grey microstructure as base colours for the numerous decor surfaces. The slightly matt finish of the edgings appears soft and provides a perfect stage for the mentioned decor edgings.

Ordered - Packed - Delivered

OSTERMANN supplies all ABS furniture edgings in small quantities from only 1 metre. Stock items ordered before 4 p.m. are sent that same day. Should you also need glues or cleaners for edge processing, you will find them at OSTERMANN.

Carpenters/cabinet makers can find all information on the presented edgings by typing in the search item „#Highlights04".